Community Outreach

What Is Our Community Outreach?

ENDS FAMLY Foundation Community Outreach

When ENDS F.A.M.L.Y. Foundation Inc says community outreach we are referring to efforts that connect our organization’s ideas, resources, and awareness to the public. We are not-for-profit, which mean our focus is not the sale of products or strategies that increase market share. ENDS FAMLY outreach takes on an educational, political, economic and community missions.

How do we engage the community?

  • Encourage Conversation: Having discussions with a wide range of stakeholders so ENDS FAMLY Foundation to find opportunities that align with what matters to them. This leads to deeper relationships and connections through varies communities.
  • Participate in Local Events: ENDS FAMLY Festivals and community events that involve local businesses are a great way we set up 1 on 1's and interact with the community. It also raises awareness, provides a face to our organization and allows us to help people we meet remember what we represent and stand for.
  • Be a Partner for Your Community: One of our key successes in engaging local communities is understanding the issues that affect them the most. The community views us as a partner that will be there for the long term with their concerns in mind.
  • Target Leaders and Influencers: Our targets are the leaders and influencers working on the ground. Provide value to them first before trying to get an insider recommendation.
  • Host Events, Training, and Seminars: Make effective use of office space and that allows ENDS FAMLY Foundation staff to practice and teach the community about what they do best.
  • Create Mutually Beneficial Opportunities: Other people need to feel fulfilled for their efforts. Be sure to learn what is important to them and what will make them proud.


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