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Donate To ENDS FMLY Foundation 

Donate To ENDS FMLY Foundation

Donate To ENDS FMLY Foundation 

Providing Digital Resources to Help Bridge The Gap Between Communities & Resources. To help better our communities and educate society on the values and residents of the areas. 

ENDS FMLY Foundation Agenda

  1. Provide educational & informative content about Government, Non-Profit, Education, Career, Youth, Health and many more programs that have opportunities that can help assist people.
  2. Use media to bring awareness to social issues that impact the future of our society.
  3. Interview, document, and photograph ethnic and culturally influenced communities residents, organizers, and influencers to display but also educate people about the varies communities and their history
  4. Provide paid internships and apprenticeship to youths and adults from inner-cities that lack the opportunity, resources, or support needed to learn digital marketing, coding, and graphic design.

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