Youth Development

It's our goal to offer Inner-city youth the proper guidance, safe environment, and resources to grow

Offering internships, mentorships, and tutor sessions are just a few ways we assist at-risk youth. Youth Internship opportunities to learn and sharpen their business skills and communication, graphic design and performing arts, math, and financial literacy. Practicing growing their communication and writing skills for their professional careers as well as in-home or around peers. In a safe friendly environment with resources to help ensure their success.

Your donation helps us continue providing a secure and nourishing learning environment for youth to discover and learn marketing and media skills. Working with high school and college students from low-income families, criminal background, and gang affiliation to provide a career roadmap while providing mentorship, peer to peer engagement, and trauma healing sessions.

Who are we helping?

ENDS Media LLC & F.A.M.L.Y. Foundation and partners are teaming up to provide training, internship opportunities, and resources to youth who:
  1. 16-24 Years Old
  2. Has a Criminal background or At-Risk Background
  3. Resident or Raised in a low-income community
  4. Lack of opportunity or resources
  5. Minority or Low- income family
  6. Pursuing or interested in a career in marketing, graphic design, or media

Why ENDS Media LLC & F.A.M.L.Y. Foundation believe helping inner-city youth are important?

In recent years across America, there has been a loss of youth after-school programs and mentorship programs for young adults to participate in. Leaving our inner-city youth without guidance and opportunities to grow with a clear safe path. Pushing most inner city youth to gangs, crime, and drug abuse. Never really being able to get a chance to grow or use their skills and talents.

Take a look at the numbers:

In 2017, 33% of all Juvenile robberies were done by 14-17-year-old minority males

A helping hand

How can you do to help?

Make a charitable donation or become a sponsor | [wpedon id=1364]

What will your donations be used for?

The money will go towards:
  • Laptops
  • Transportation vouchers/Bus Cards
  • Stipends
  • Intern workspace
  • Intern Spirit Pack (ENDS Merchandise )
  • Field Trip & Experience Building Events
  • Working Software
  • Certification Courses & Workshops
  • Document mentor sessions and intern program duration

Where do we work?

  • Inner-city Minneapolis
  • Inner-city Detroit (Coming Soon)
  • Inner-city Memphis (Coming Soon)

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